Our Mission and Goals

Our Mission Statement

As a faith family bound by the common belief that “God’s love sets us free,” we are called to worship, to love, to accept love and to live out our freedom pointing the oppressed of body, mind or spirit toward their freedom in God’s love through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Our Five Year Goals:

  • Spread the extravagant welcome of Christ and the good news of First Presbyterian Church by ‘telling our story’ well.
  • Engage every person in the experience of the Holy Spirit’s ‘mission’ at FPC.
  • Ensure that on any given night there is a safe, dry, accepting place for the homeless to sleep.
  • Promote and provide healthy food and nourishment for the hungry and unhealthy of our community, ensuring that it is available every day.


  • Retire our Capital Debt.
  • Be excellent stewards of God’s gifts, resources and creation.


  • Ensure that the congregation provides high quality spiritual care for all members of our church family during all seasons of life.


  • Promote the use of sacred music as a means for all ages to lead our worship of God with creativity, variety, and enthusiasm.
  • Establish new times, venues, and styles for additional opportunities to worship Christ in a variety of sacred expressions.
  • Maximize the use and function of the pipe organ to celebrate God through the gift of sacred music.
  • Make the Chapel a holy, sacred space for daily prayer and occasional worship.


  • Grow our children and youth (Pre-K to 8th grade) into Biblically literate teens who are deeply committed to Christ.
  • Grow our teens (6th grade to 12th grade) into Biblically literate young adults who are deeply committed to Christ and able to articulate their faith, ethics, and values in any situation.
  • Establish dedicated center(s) for ministry and fellowship for High School and Middle School youth.
  • Grow all members of FPC into knowledgeable, invigorated, and deeply committed members of the body of Christ.


  • Provide the staff necessary to enable us to execute God’s mission at FPC with excellence.
  • Provide first-rate levels of compensation, clarity, accountability, support, and professional development for all staff.


  • Maximize the usage of all our buildings to promote the good news of Christ.
  • Update all Audio-Visual equipment and acoustics in all appropriate venues.
  • Demonstrate the vibrancy of God’s presence in the care and development of all buildings and grounds.