Welcome to The First Presbyterian Church

of Somerset Kentucky

If you have found your way to this page, you might be looking for a new church or might be curious about Christianity. Maybe you know someone at this church and want to know more about Presbyterians. Maybe you just want to know when we worship and how to get here. However you come to fpcsomerset.org, we are glad. Welcome!

At the First Presbyterian Church, we understand that we each have things to learn from the other and that we are a stronger, healthier church family because we are diverse.

If this is the kind of church family that you are looking for, then please come and visit us. You are always welcomed!

There a few things to know about First Presbyterian….

FIRST, we believe God’s love sets us free – free from fear, judgment, and death, and free to love, to accept love and to live!

This means that the messages at First Presbyterian are inclusive and generous with love. Jesus welcomed many into his circle. He particularly sought those who were lost and rejected. We believe that all whom Jesus welcomed are also welcomed here at First Presbyterian.

SECOND, we are passionate about food and feeding hungry people, whether physically, spiritually or both.

The First Presbyterian family provides ‘hold-you-over boxes” for those who have run out of food near the end of the month. We pack food boxes at the local food pantry. We take meals to the community’s domestic abuse shelter. We host monthly potlucks for the hungry in our community. We also host a Wednesday weekly dinner for the church family hosting both children’s choir and worship.

THIRD, the tie that binds this church family together is the mutual understanding that we may have to agree to disagree.

On any given Sunday, we have everything from Fox News to Mother Earth News in the pews. We have many different points of view present and many opinions about politics, social issues, and even God.